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Marshmallow Knitted Shawl

Marshmallow Shawl by CrocKnits
Marshmallow Shawl, a photo by CrocKnits on Flickr.

Although my first love is crocheting I thought I would share one of my knitting designs, this has been quite a popular pattern. The reason I think is because this can be started & finished in an hour. Knitted with lovely Flag/Butterfly Yarn which comes in such gorgous colours and using 15mm needles.I think this one would be lovely for a Bride or Bridesmaids, it would certainly be a little different…Been a little busy this week-end but still working on my next project Autumn/Winter wear………the first one is almost ready …


3 for 1 Au Naturale Bracelets

This is what you can make with just a ball of string, yes really, I designed and made 3 bracelets for less than a pound/dollar/euro.I have worn them and they have been admired I love the natural look.. Pattern is available for immediate download…..

Big Thanks

I am really quite amazed with how well my first week as a new Blogger as gone, I know to be a successful blogger you have to have the time to write on a regular basis. Well one thing I do have is plenty of time now I have retired to Spain with my lovely hubby of 40 years. We have lived here for almost 6 years and have made lots of friends, but still miss the U.K. especially the children and grand-kids (but not the although we would love some rain at the moment as it has been a very long hot summer and not had rain for many months.

So with so much time on my hands and being an addictive crocheting for over 40 years, I recently started to design my own Crocheting Patterns and I am really thrilled to say I have been quite successful although I am hoping the business will continue to grow. I am quite proud of myself (even if I say so myself) learning how to download a PDF file for customers to download was my first hurdle, which I guess most of you will think is quite simple, but it’s like everything else once you know something then it is easy…..
I would also like to thank knitnrun4sanity for helping me out when I needed it…..

So that is just a little about myself, hopefully I will have time to come and update my blog. I am now in the process of designing projects for my Autumn/Winter collection having made a start on my wrist-warmers I am now moving on to cowls/scarfs etc, so watch this space and please come back & visit…..

Crochet Cuff Bracelets


Crochet Cuff Bracelets, a set on Flickr.

I designed & made these bracelets because I just love the colours of the Butterfly/Flag yarns, the yarn does the work for you and this a simple pattern for the novice crocheter.. I just added a small charm to make each one special Hope you like……

Crochet Beaded Necklace

Crochet Beaded NecklaceCrochet Beaded NecklaceCrochet Beaded Necklace

Crochet Beaded Necklace, a set on Flickr.

Handmade, crochet with Aqua 100% cotton yarn, with small assorted coloured beads.This is one of my most popular patterns I designed and made myself… can be made to order or why not try to make one for yourself, the pattern is available for immediate download at